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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Witness to Freedom 9th March 2017
    Recently someone asked me the classic 'How much should I give?' question, pondering the just as classic 'ten percent tithe' approach. I think there is a simple answer:Make it your habit to give generously, even extravagantly, as the Spirit liberates you.If you are sitting there calculating, then you probably haven't found a liberty in the […]
  • Snares and the risk of Ministry Trophies 2nd March 2017
    Gideon does pretty well in his story in Judges. The Lord reveals to him his commissioning, which he takes on. When the Midianites up the ante, Gideon does some discerning to be sure and then goes off to do battle. He allows his army to be whittled down, understanding that it is God's strength that […]
  • The saddest verse in the Bible? 25th January 2017
    We all have our favourite verses in the Bible. I bet you could quote yours straight away. But do we stop to think what hits us as the saddest verse? Each year, when in Exodus, I can't help lamenting when I get to Exodus 20 verse 19.Moses has his first mountaintop experiences and the people […]
  • Embracing OIKOS 16th January 2017
    There can be something special when families come together. Very special. Perhaps you had that experience at Christmas with relatives? It can also be an experience we can nurture and benefit from as churches. It can also be both a base and place for mission.The Greek word 'oikos' basically means house, home or household. It […]
  • Belt Up 4th January 2017
    Get a sturdy belt, fasten it around your waist, walk out in confidence. The belt keeps your clothes together, things in place, enabling you to stand fast.Paul advised wearing the 'belt of truth' (Ephesians 6) - the sure knowledge of God and Lordship of Jesus to hold it all together as you stand and go […]