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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Wake Up to Who is our Head 22nd March 2018
    Ephesians chapter 1 makes great reading, packed with all kinds of goodies that make a rich and dense introduction to the letter. It builds to the risen and ascended Jesus, far above all rule, authority, power and dominion (in other words: everything!). Whether now or the future all things are under his feet. You don't […]
  • Identity Crises 7th March 2018
    Identity crises and/or a lack of confidence of who we are seems to be a widespread issue for many people these days. Young people with a range of anxieties, adults struggling too. Even many Christians seem to have trouble accepting that they can find their true identity in Christ - which surely hampers them in […]
  • Justice in the Long Haul 22nd November 2017
    One of the frequently asked questions on Alpha courses in the session on 'Evil' is 'why does God allow bad regimes to remain in power'. Of course it is a good question, with plenty of examples of dodgy regimes to cite through history and in the current day.My own remarks in response would be to […]
  • Priestly Role 17th September 2017
    We know the Old Testament pattern of appointed priests (from the tribe of Levi) who served at the Temple, the focal point of God's presence, on behalf the Israelites. The whole people were in covenant before God, and within that the priests had a special role.What is typically less understood is that the whole nation […]
  • I Proclaim 18th August 2017
    I have recently argued that we need to nurture our spiritual hunger and thirst - a desire for spiritual food & drink, the presence of Jesus and the work of the Father. Accompanying that we need to look to Jesus and His Kingdom possibilities, which when He is present among us are surely imminent, and […]