Key Questions blog

Every few weeks we pose ourselves a new key question:

  • [UP] – About our relationship with God
  • [IN] – About what God is doing in our lives
  • [OUT] – About what God is calling us to do

The key-questions blog issues these questions, and also has mini-summaries of much of our key teaching given Sunday by Sunday.

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  • Healing in Jesus - Isaiah 53 / Matthew 8 10th February 2019
    Isaiah 53 is one of the richest passages in the Bible to preach from - so here we will only scratch the surface. It conveys the notion of a servant, stemming from chapter 40 through to 55, which can be taken as a complete block. But note the servant does not match super-hero expectations. He […]
  • Kingdom Life / Kingdom Sign - Isaiah 35 / Matthew 11 3rd February 2019
    A couple of weeks ago we saw how John the Baptist was excited to meet Jesus. 'Behold the lamb of God' he called out, and on baptising Jesus saw the Spirit rest on him. It was a great moment. But now, some time later, Jesus is out ministering but John is confused. Thats because John […]
  • [OUT] Where do you see signs of the Kingdom? 3rd February 2019
    Challenge: Add to a conversation: “I believe in Jesus who can change things ...”
  • The Spirit Rested on Him - Isaiah 40 and Matthew 3 13th January 2019
    Comfort, comfort my people - Prepare the way for the Lord - His glory will be revealed - The word of the Lord endures for ever - The Lord comes with power, and cares tenderly. These are the voices calling out in Isaiah 40. Like an echo chamber the sentences bounce around in verses 1 […]
  • The Sign of the Times - Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1 6th January 2019
    The country is in crises! The people don't know if their country will still be able to function in a few months time. The government and the rulers don't know either! Ordinary folk, business leaders, those in power - all are tearing their hair out. Other neighbouring countries have formed alliances which wields huge power. […]