Key Questions blog

Every few weeks we pose ourselves a new key question:

  • [UP] – About our relationship with God
  • [IN] – About what God is doing in our lives
  • [OUT] – About what God is calling us to do

The key-questions blog issues these questions, and also has mini-summaries of much of our key teaching given Sunday by Sunday.

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  • Back to King David - 2 Samuel 23 8th July 2018
    The story of the 3 mighty men tells like some kind of regimental reunion after-dinner story. Great soldiers of the past recounting their exploits, saying 'remember the one about ...'. As with such stories we can't place it exactly historically. We know that the Philistines raided territory, and here they seem to have captured David's […]
  • Paul the Prisoner - Acts 16, 22, 25 and 26 1st July 2018
    Acts reads like an action adventure story, especially the way it unfolds for Paul. His full CV of beatings, trials and other events can be found in 2 Corinthians 11, but note that even there Paul does not claim super-hero status or to be some kind of SAS christian. He is just another believer clinging […]
  • [IN] Do you perceive God toughening us ready for future power encounters? 1st July 2018
    Challenge: When Jesus as Lord is questioned, make your stand
  • Do Battle in Worship - 2 Chronicles 20 and Acts 16 10th June 2018
    Today is all about a fundamental decision that our 2 baptism candidates have taken - a decision about who (or what) is no. 1 in their lives. We all have our no. 1 (often ourselves!), we all worship something. Today 2 young people are saying 'Because of Jesus God is their no. 1'.They are not […]
  • Not Just Good Looks - 1 Samuel 16 27th May 2018
    We all know the phrases 'First impressions count' and 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. We know the power of first impressions, yet we also know there is wisdom looking deeper for a more informed understanding. Samuel was a man of God who spent much time seeking Him and listening for His voice. He […]