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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • My One Ask to Big City Big Churches 31st December 2021
    The really big churches in the cities have done wonderful things in recent years. They have made the services and approach contemporary and therefore more accessible to the younger/emerging generations. They have created first class online presence and content, and they have called many many people to put their faith in Jesus.This is excellent!The pandemic […]
  • Missionary Disciples 26th November 2021
    Nowadays there is much talk about missionary disciples. This is not new - 15 years ago the Baptist Union slogan was 'Encouraging Missionary Disciples', but the emphasis has come to the fore, and the perceived need certainly accelerated by Covid. So there are now conferences focusing on the subject, looking at how we enable there […]
  • Pyjama Christians 18th June 2021
    Zoom and other web technologies have helped us all through the pandemic. Churches were applauded for their adaptability and creativity in 'going online' at very short notice last year. Who knew the church could react and change so quickly!But now conversations between church leaders run along these lines: do we want to keep streaming? The […]
  • Dreams 4th May 2021
    Many are sensing, hoping or expecting that the Spirit is stirring for a fresh season of God's special activity in our land. The 'revivalist' in me certainly hopes so too! But more than just wishful thinking, I am grateful that on my radar there are one or two snippets that suggest that the Spirit is […]
  • Disciple Making 8th December 2020
    One aspect where the pandemic has helped us as Christians in churches is appreciating the distinction between 'attendance' (or 'connecting') at whole church services and ongoing depth of discipleship. For too long we have paid attention to attendance at the expense of sustainable discipleship, and that deficit has been clearly exposed in recent months.It may […]