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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Kingdom or Church 21st January 2020
    Recently I asked some small groups to think about the Kingdom of God and the church, which led them to do a classic 'compare and contrast' exercuse. I'm pleased to discover in their feedback that they seem to have 'got it'!For in the Kingdom the focus is unashamedly on Jesus, whilst in the church that […]
  • Two Contrasting Peoples 24th December 2019
    Genesis chapters 11 to 13 give us an insight into two contrasting peoples and two visions for humanity.The first is of a people who highly self-organise. They build: a city, and with it a tower that 'reaches to the heavens'. This is about being self-sufficient, of setting themselves up despite (or even in spite of) […]
  • An Illogical Fear 21st November 2019
    Yesterday it was reported that a primary school had backed down from a court case regarding school assemblies. The school had assemblies of a Christian nature, and at least one set of parents requesting not only that their children be withdrawn on these occasions, but that the school provide suitable staffed alternative provision. Court action […]
  • Digital Babylon 4th October 2019
    The term 'Digital Babylon' offered by Kinnamen and Matlock gives incredibly helpful language for our contemporary context. For a great insight, watch this YouTube video:The digitally connected experience that we are now immersed in is akin to the people transported to the foreign land of Babylon - a place that is largely Godless and with […]
  • Disney Gets it Right 18th September 2019
    Over the summer I watched the new Disney Lion King: the CGI remake of the original cartoon. In a way I only partly enjoyed it, because some of those great one-liners I remember from the original had been replaced (to my dismay) with new dialogue.Yet in the new script was one key line where the […]