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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Don't Turn the Magnetic-Field Back On 29th June 2020
    Coming out of lockdown I am repeatedly asked "When can we get back to church?". Of course this is the wrong question from the outset, since we never stopped being church ... so it is not possible to 'go back'! But I also must admit from a personal perspective that in many ways I don't […]
  • I Love Rainbows 28th April 2020
    A rainbow seen in the sky always looks both pretty and a thing of wonder: whether it is against murky rain clouds or the brighter sky poking through, to see the arc of different colours of light always lifts my spirit.Interestingly in our lockdown times the rainbow has become a symbol of support for the […]
  • Ministers Gatherings in the Future - a Prediciton 21st April 2020
    When church ministers gather and first introduce the conversation is predictable with near 100% certainty: it will include the question 'What size of church do you have?' ! Trust me, I've been there. I have asked the question myself 😞.Going forward, as we get to come out of lockdown and meet again I think I […]
  • Value System Recalibration 13th April 2020
    The value we place on something or on someone is an elastic concept and variable. It will likely be different to the value placed on the same thing or person by someone else. It can also change with time.Monetary value is even more elastic and subject to change. Just look at share prices for listed […]
  • Ultimate Individual-Consumerism! 1st April 2020
    As the recent lockdown neared there was a surge in people using online shopping options. Whether it was groceries or other items, the online retailers struggled to keep up despite their incredibly efficient logistical operations, with robot equipped warehouses and gig economy delivery drivers.In many ways this lockdown steers us yet further to the Ultimate […]