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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Digital Babylon 4th October 2019
    The term 'Digital Babylon' offered by Kinnamen and Matlock gives incredibly helpful language for our contemporary context. For a great insight, watch this YouTube video:The digitally connected experience that we are now immersed in is akin to the people transported to the foreign land of Babylon - a place that is largely Godless and with […]
  • Disney Gets it Right 18th September 2019
    Over the summer I watched the new Disney Lion King: the CGI remake of the original cartoon. In a way I only partly enjoyed it, because some of those great one-liners I remember from the original had been replaced (to my dismay) with new dialogue.Yet in the new script was one key line where the […]
  • Glory Pour Down 14th September 2019
    There are times when I find myself praying that God would simply open up the heavens and pour down His glory: a kind of Isaiah 64:1 'rend the heavens' thing, or Isaiah 45:8 'you heavens above rain down my righteousness', or Isaiah 40:5 'the glory of the Lord will be revealed'!Yes please, Lord, let your […]
  • Life On the Line - Philippians 1:12 - 30 8th September 2019
    "I want you to know that what has happened to me has served to advance the good news of Jesus!". These were Paul's words in a letter to the Philippian Christians. Paul had devoted himself to travelling city to city, proclaiming Jesus in each place.Paul made plans for these journeys, he had a sense of […]
  • From the mouths of infants ... 6th March 2019
    A friend of mine told me a wonderful story. He had recently taken his granddaughter (circa 5 yrs old) to a play at a local theatre. With an audience of about 200 the play only had 2 characters - both workmen nearing retirement.The whole play centred on their dialogue. The pair were out to do […]