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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Ultimate Individual-Consumerism! 1st April 2020
    As the recent lockdown neared there was a surge in people using online shopping options. Whether it was groceries or other items, the online retailers struggled to keep up despite their incredibly efficient logistical operations, with robot equipped warehouses and gig economy delivery drivers.In many ways this lockdown steers us yet further to the Ultimate […]
  • Deconstructionalists Rejoice! 24th March 2020
    For a good few years now some have been resonating with thinking that comes with the so-called 'Post-modern Mindset' - thinking that leads to some serious questions being asked about how we do faith and church. This kind of thinking is also often known as 'de-constructing' because it involves taking apart structures that have been […]
  • An Alternative Pandemic 13th March 2020
    We live in uncertain times. The spread of an unseen threat has set governments and policy-makers scrambling to make appropriate decisions. The media has to walk a tight-rope of helpfully informing versus inadvertently stirring panic. The reaction of the public shows some disturbing signs (e.g panic buying).The whole covid-19 virus outbreak scenario raises some interesting […]
  • Kingdom or Church 21st January 2020
    Recently I asked some small groups to think about the Kingdom of God and the church, which led them to do a classic 'compare and contrast' exercuse. I'm pleased to discover in their feedback that they seem to have 'got it'!For in the Kingdom the focus is unashamedly on Jesus, whilst in the church that […]
  • Two Contrasting Peoples 24th December 2019
    Genesis chapters 11 to 13 give us an insight into two contrasting peoples and two visions for humanity.The first is of a people who highly self-organise. They build: a city, and with it a tower that 'reaches to the heavens'. This is about being self-sufficient, of setting themselves up despite (or even in spite of) […]