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This is the pastor’s own personal blog – a space for his own thoughts and views, not necessarily connected to the life of the Countess Church.

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  • Christian Mission in a Secular State 29th June 2018
    In his collection of essays 'God for a Secular Society', theologian Jürgen Moltmann argues that a 'secular' state with full freedom religion is the logical consequence of Christians calling for religious liberty. That liberty must be granted to those of other faiths and none, if it is to be enjoyed for yourself in your own […]
  • When God Gives a Vision 25th June 2018
    When God gives a vision, a natural momentum builds.When God gives a vision, He will see it take shape, grow and flourish.When God gives a vision, He will provide the resources, be they financial, people with skills and gifts, or whatever other form required for the vision to move forward.When God gives a vision, our […]
  • Open Air Evangelism ... Not Quite! 25th May 2018
    The ferry across to the Freetown peninsula in Sierra Leone was an interesting experience. As we sat waiting for the boat to depart a wide variety of people started to come round selling things. From biscuits, to sweets, to DVDs, to just about anything they could carry and offer!Then some people assembled with a big […]
  • Faith and Beauty in the Dirt 27th April 2018
    My recent trip to Africa reminded me of two things about mission that we can learn from in the West. The first is naturally living out principles of Incarnational Mission, the second is the powerful effects of visionary social entrepreneurs.'God made his dwelling among us' is read by ourselves each Christmas, and seen played out […]
  • Wake Up to Who is our Head 22nd March 2018
    Ephesians chapter 1 makes great reading, packed with all kinds of goodies that make a rich and dense introduction to the letter. It builds to the risen and ascended Jesus, far above all rule, authority, power and dominion (in other words: everything!). Whether now or the future all things are under his feet. You don't […]