Connect 4 Jesus


Connect 4 Jesus
School Years
3 to 6
(age 7 – 11)

Connect4 Jesus is a term-time mid-week club for children in school years 3-6 (age 7-11).Meeting on Wednesdays, from 6 to 7.15pm in the Church Hall, there is a weekly subscription of 50p per child. A tuck shop is also open most weeks.

We aim to be a place in the community where children can have fun, grow in confidence and make new friends. Based on a clear Christian ethos the group welcomes all children from across Ely regardless of their background or beliefs.

The varied programme includes crafts, cooking and games, with occasional trips out in the winter months and games at the park in the summer. Each week a Bible story is shared which links to the activities.

To register simply turn up at 6pm on a Wednesday evening after the school term has started!

The programme for the Spring Term can be viewed here: