Building Opens for Spaces of Prayer and Hope

Starting this week the Countess Free Church building on Chapel Street will be open for Spaces of Prayer and Hope. This will be an opportunity for any member of the public to drop in to pray, reflect, and think as the nation continues through these unsettling times of the corona virus pandemic.

The building will be open at the following times each week:

The Foodbank sessions take place in the hall, the Spaces will be set out in the sanctuary part of the building. There is space for all users to wait safely outside on the forecourt, but we regret that there is no parking available immediately outside the church at this time.

We can accommodate only one family unit (or family ‘social bubble’) using the Spaces at any one time. Someone will be on hand to direct so that people can enter and leave safely. Naturally we will be asking all to use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving, as well as having other hygiene practices in place to minimise risk of cross-infection by all who use the building.

At Countess Free Church we want to be open to any and all to help you find your own connection with God through Jesus Christ. It is therefore our privilege to open the building to make these spaces available. In these difficult times may these be Spaces of Hope – all are welcome to come and explore.