Ely Foodbank

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A lady arrives direct from her GP surgery with a note from her doctor – she hasn’t eaten for several days.

Together with the other churches in Ely we enable Ely Foodbank to operate: local people helping local people who find themselves in crises and needing help with the absolute basics – putting food on the table. We contribute to its leadership, encourage food donations, volunteering and prayer support – all because operating the Foodbank is important in the overall work of the church, resonating with God’s heart for justice in society.

We host both the Ely distribution sessions: Tuesdays 11am to 12.30pm, and Fridays 1pm to 2.30pm. There is also a food donations tub at the back of the church. Please note enquiries about the Foodbank should be made direct to their dedicated contact phone number and email.

Supporting Ely Foodbank is part of our overall Menu of Mission activities.

A person comes to us for help. Their life is in pieces – for they have just discovered a partner has deceived them for over ten years. As their Foodbank voucher is processed and a food parcel made up, we offer to pray with the person – for clarity, for justice, for strength for tomorrow. Tears flow. Yet some months later they return. They still need some help with food, but their outlook has suddenly become brighter, they can move forward in life. We remind each other of how we prayed together, because we believe in God who changes lives!