Christians Against Poverty

Together with the other churches in Ely we actively support the Ely CAP Debt Centre, part of the CAP UK network. This support includes helping it to operate, as well as finance, volunteer and prayer support – because we understand debt relief as an important aspect of the overall work of the church in our call for justice and fairness in society. We want to see people released from the unnecessary burden of debt.

Supporting Ely CAP Debt Centre is part of our overall Menu of Mission activities.

With CAP I was heard and listened to – this was massive for me!

An Ely CAP Client

A man is referred to us, having recently been moved into sheltered accommodation. He was forced to move due to a relationship breakup and repeated financial abuse from his former partner. Suffering with severe dyslexia, as well as anxiety problems, he also has severe medical problems affecting his breathing. Because CAP offers a unique face to face process, we were able to help through the forms required to set up a DRO (debt relief order). This meant that he no longer faced the anxiety and concern that calls & letters from creditors bring. We could also work out a budget and show a way forward that enables him to live. With renewed confidence, he has become involved in a local church where he finds a supportive community.

I had major issues with money – I needed help. My CAP debt ‘coach’ patiently waited and stuck with me to help me get things together, and finally on a path to resolving my debt and finance issues.

An Ely CAP Client