At the Countess Free Church we hope everyone can feel that they belong, whether they have lots of faith or none, whatever their background or circumstances.

The church itself is made up of people who want to follow Christ together, seeking the direction for the church that Jesus wants us to take. They commit to worship together, follow in their discipleship together, and serve together in the life of the church. People who have an active faith, have made a public profession of their faith (through baptism, for example), and who want to commit to the life of the church join the formal membership of the church. They then participate in the life and decision making processes that enable us as a church to venture forwards.

If you are interested in membership, chat to one of the leadership team who would love to start talking this through with you.

The church is self-financing, so members are encouraged to give as God leads them. We seek God together for the resources to pursue the ministry to which Jesus is calling us. More information on the best ways to give can found found on our financial giving page.