Directly on arriving people are offered a cup of coffee and invited to help themselves to the pastries set out at each table. With family and friends around tables, plus table-teasers to help start the thinking, there is soon a warm buzz that fills the room. Young and old can take part, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere – the refreshments remain on tap throughout the morning.

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Imagine! – I Have a Dream

Our first Imagine! event is on Sunday 17th May. From 10.15 light refreshments will be served free of charge. For all ages, young and old alike will be invited to think ‘What is Your Dream?‘ as we think on Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream‘ speech.

Finishing around 11.30, there will be chance to chill and chat, think on the theme, for youngsters to get stuck in, and for young and old to help each other.