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Summer 23 Resource

A resource for our families, tracking our summer series in Job together. We use the questions and thoughts raised by Job to explore our emotions and how they interlink with our faith: can we worship God in all circumstances, how is our faith affected by things going wrong? This term’s resource also helps us understand our feelings better, and helps us think through what we might do when we are hurting. There are some instructions, a set of weekly sheets and question cards.

The “Emotion Cards” are available to download here.

We also recommend watching this video.

Spring 23 Resource

A resource for our families, tracking our series this term in Mark’s Gospel. Families are encouraged to learn to tell the stories of Jesus to each other, and therefore better able to tell friends and people they meet. The first sheet has some story-telling tips and a set of stories that will correspond to our sermon series. The second sheet is a ‘Moodulator’ – to record your reaction to each story!

Autumn 22 Resource

A resource for our families, following our series “Christ-like Unity”. There are two sets of cards – use one from each pack every one or two weeks. For ‘prayer slips’, simply make slips with 10 people you know and use those (or use the church prayer diary if you have one).

Summer 22 Resource

A resource for our families this season … to create an ‘Affirmation Mobile’!

To make the mobile you will need a triangular piece of card (recommend base is 25cm long), three lengths of string of 60cm each, and some sellotape. Or you can simply use the Affirmation Cards as a set of cards to discuss and affirm each other.

Spring 22 Lent Resource

A resource to help us with ‘Soul Care’ through this Lent season. Includes a kitchen table resource poster to colour in, and a guide booklet. Along with this resource we also recommend the Scottish Bible Society Wonder Walks.

January – February 22 Good King or Bad King

In the spring of 2022 we looked at 2 Chronicles. For the first part of the term the family resource consisted of 2 sets of cards for families to use together. The first set (“Good King or Bad King”) enabled us to think about how well the kings followed God. The second set (“Prayer Cards”) looked at prayers and prophetic statements found in 2 Chronicles. There is also a set of instructions.

September – December 2021

Tracking our series in Colossians, this resource comprises a set of ‘Learning Together’ cards and a set of ‘Prayer Cards’. Each set are designed to be used together as families every week or so through the term.