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Building Opens for Spaces of Prayer and Hope

Starting this week the Countess Free Church building on Chapel Street will be open for Spaces of Prayer and Hope. This will be an opportunity for any member of the public to drop in to pray, reflect, and think as the nation continues through these unsettling times of the corona virus pandemic.

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Week of Prayer – 10th to 17th May

This coming week 10th to 17th May is our Church Week of Prayer – something that regularly features in our church calendar twice a year.

For this week we would like to call ourselves to Pray for the Prosperity of the City (see Jeremiah 29:7 for this principle). We suggest you do that in 3 key ways:

  1. Pray for your own street (either individually, as a family, or in an IPOD)
  2. Connect with your prayer partner / triplet to form a web of prayer across the city
  3. Gather on Zoom for Whole Church Prayer on Wednesday 13th May at 8pm for up to an hour (contact us for details to join)

Our politicians are of course talking about coming out of Lockdown … but there will be many challenging months ahead which will affect us, the city of Ely and beyond. Let us come before God to pray for our city, its people and businesses … all the while praying too for Spiritual Awakening among each individual and family.

Prayer Exercise for the City

From Monday 27th April to Friday 1st May we are encouraging all who are able to use their daily walking-exercise as an opportunity to pray for the city of Ely.

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Corporate Gatherings

As you know we are living in exceptional times. Both the statistics and the government advice indicate that we are in the grip of a pandemic which is endangering health and life. The socially responsible thing for all of us to do is to practise ‘social distancing’ on a profound scale to slow the spread of infection and limit the health impacts.

The government advice is to curtail non-essential social contact. Basically only ‘work’ and ‘school’ fit the criteria of being allowed to continue (for the moment!).

We have taken the decision that we should suspend our corporate gatherings plus our mid-week central-building gathering activities (such as C4J, 2×2, and also Dads n Kidz) for the time-being.

The Foodbank distribution sessions are still expecting to operate as a service to the community.

Let us remind ourselves though that despite this suspension of corporate gatherings, we are still church!

Our gatherings are very important to us, but they do not totally define us. The church is people following Jesus, in covenant together, engaged in the local community! We can still be that, even with the difficulties presented by us not gathering.

We will be working up ideas and plans to help us continue to be church into this extraordinary period. Here is our current thinking:

We will be publishing a message on the church blog key-questions at least once a week, and potentially doing a short audio podcast onto the sermons audio page. Remember that you can also listen to this on ITunes and Spotify!

We would also like to encourage everyone to take initiative and contact each other using the myriad comms technology at our fingertips (i.e. ‘pick up the phone’!). Work out who has become isolated and proactively offer help. We will be working with the PCT and Leadership team to try and ensure everyone is covered … but it is a network we can all generate together!

If you need help yourself, or have concerns or questions, please do get in contact.

Finally do not isolate off your testimony about Jesus! Pray and find a quiet confidence in the Lord, and be a non-anxious presence with those you meet or are in contact with. Let them know that your basic trust is in Jesus, whatever the circumstances. Let those conversations develop, also in tandem with extending care to neighbour. Use your imagination, pray and follow the Spirit’s promptings.

This last point is important since we want the love and message of Jesus to spread! Yes we want to contain & halt the progress of covid-19, but we want to do the exact opposite with the testimony of Jesus (see Karl’s personal blog post on this).

God can do great things, even in these unusual times.

Every blessing Karl, Helen and the Leadership Team

Imagine – Super Mario Racing Sunday March 15th

Our next Imagine event is on Sunday March 15th at 10.15am – with a Super Mario Racing theme!

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Gifts Workshop – This Sunday 8th

Our next Gifts Workshop is this Sunday, March 8th at 7pm.

These workshops are informal times where we have some teaching and then hands-on practice where we explore prayer ministry in the flow and work of the Holy Spirit. There is always a chance to be prayed for, as well as encouragement and coaching in learning to pray for others yourself.

The event is open to all Christians who want to come and explore with us. We usually finish up by 8.30pm.

Pioneer Evangelism Learning Community

With the new housing estates now being built, plus an openness to the Spirit leading us in other directions, we are prayerfully asking the question: “Where do we grow from here?. We invite members of the Countess Free Church to learn together to reach out, witness, see new community, and lead people into Christian faith together.

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