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Dads n Kidz – Saturday 21st September

Saturday 21st September will be our next Dads n Kidz, with a chance to catch up after the summer.

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Gifts Workshop – Sunday 29th

Our Gifts Workshops are resuming this term – with the next one on Sunday 29th September at 7pm at the Countess Free Church.

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Imagine – The Great LIFE Bake Off

Sunday September 22nd, from 10.15am until around 11.30am is our next Imagine event here at the Countess Free Church, with Bake Off as our theme!

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Next Dads n Kidz – Saturday 20th July

Saturday 20th July will be our next Dads n Kidz, with a summer feel to it.

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Next Dads n Kidz – Saturday 11th May

Join us on Saturday 11th any time between 9 and 11am for play, newspapers, chat and bacon butties!May

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Week of Prayer – May 12th to 19th

Come all who are thirsty – Come to the Waters (Isaiah 55:1).

Sunday May 12th to 19th is our Week of Prayer – where we deliberately make space to pray for our church and for our city. Our theme this week is to Desire Him … desire to see God bless the city.

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Imagine – Being Real in a Social Media World – May 19th

Are you afraid of Missing Out? Or do you think it is all just Fake News? Our Social Media saturated world has brought blessing but also many headaches! This fun and interactive morning will help us think through what is good, what is not, and what is indifferent. Suitable for all ages we get going at 10.15am on Sunday 19th May, with coffee, pastries and fun together.

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