Intentional Prayer on Our Doorsteps


Getting together to pray for our local neighbourhoods.

Simplicity & Creativity are key. Here are just 3 simple rules:

  • If you can’t walk to it in less than 10 mins, then you can’t join!
    [Keeps it local]
  • Pray for your neighbourhood, not each other!
    [A very specific purpose rather than a time for people to unload – discipline required!]
  • Short n sweet – e.g. just 20 mins, over coffee, or a trip to the park
    [Don’t over-complicate matters: find a time, just 15-20 mins, and do it!]

It just needs a minimum of 2 or 3 who live within 10 mins of each other to find a mutually convenient time & place, and get on and pray. People choose the time/place/frequency (typical frequency is circa every 3 weeks).