Given Lives

As followers of Jesus we look to live out our God given purpose, to take part in the Kingdom mission that He has called each of us to. This means that our lives are not lived simply for ourselves. Nor are they lived just for our own family or loved ones – though they are all very important to us. Our lives are not even lived solely for the church community we are part of, although that too is important.

It means our lives are lived for the people around us: giving beyond ourselves and our own circles. This is worked out in conjunction with looking after ourselves, our loved ones, and those in our extended faith family.

We therefore lead “Given Lives” – lives that are given in mission to those God would call us to. In that way we live somewhat in contrast to our everyday culture, with its relentless focus on the individual and the ‘me’

Leading Given Lives does not automatically make us superior to anyone else – we need grace for each day just as much as everyone. It also does not necessarily come easily. It is a costly walk of discipleship that we find ourselves on as we seek to be ever closer to Jesus. It arises from our worship of Jesus, and is inseparable from it.