Margin for Jesus

Contemporary life becomes ever more fast paced, compressed and over-crowded. We cram in more and more … because we can! Transport, communications, internet and opportunity all play their part. We soak all this up believing life is good.

One of the several downsides is that we leave little or no space. No room for the unexpected or the opportune. No capacity to minister in the moment.

So at the Countess Free Church we want every disciple to take on a new habit: Margin for Jesus

This is the intentional and deliberate leaving space in your life, your schedule, your day. Space to be, but also space for Jesus to lead. Time given over for the random possibility, for the unexpected guest, for the ability to spend extra time with someone, the space to pray for someone at their moment of need.

It will take discipline, it will mean doing less! No easy task, but it is for Jesus and for Him to fill (or not!) as He directs. Lets start leaving margin for Jesus and see what happens.