New Series in Job: “It’s Not Fair!”

Ever figured that life some times just doesn’t seem fair, or find yourself asking all kinds of questions? You are not alone – many of us ask those questions too, and they have been asked down the ages for longer than anyone can remember. That’s why this summer term we are looking in the Bible at the story of Job.

Starting Sunday 14th May we will use the book of Job, looking at the things that Job himself said in the light of what happened to him. He hits depths of despair, ponders about free will, but also responds in extraordinary ways. Is it what happens to us that matters, or is it how we then respond that is important? Join us on Sunday mornings at 10.30am to explore together.

We have worked out ways to help both young and old explore these questions, and we will also be creating a family resource pack that accompanies the series. All are welcome to join us.