Pioneer Evangelism Learning Community

With the new housing estates now being built, plus an openness to the Spirit leading us in other directions, we are prayerfully asking the question: “Where do we grow from here?. We invite members of the Countess Free Church to learn together to reach out, witness, see new community, and lead people into Christian faith together.

Initially four sessions in a ‘learning community format‘:
reflection as a group → new teaching input → a fresh challenge to tackle before the next session.
We hope the group will then continue to learn as they practice and join with pioneering activity.

This is for anyone interested in pioneering at any level, regardless of initial skills, ability or personal gifting.

Initial 4 Learning Community Sessions

The learning community will initially meet for 4 sessions (approximately one every half term, probably to be held on Sunday evenings) to cover the following topics:

There will be practical challenges and exercises! These will include some special training exercises which will be added to the schedule.

Commit and Sign Up!

The learning community works when people commit to all four of the initial sessions and apply themselves to the practical challenges and special training exercises. To join this learning community you must have …

Interested? Please speak to Karl or Helen.