We Have Hope – A Light in the Darkness

We live in uncertain times. The pandemic has struck us all hard. We are left wondering what kind of Christmas we can celebrate, and the New Year for many just adds more uncertainty to the stack. Yet in this uncertain times we – the people who are Countess Free Church – have hope!

We have hope because our trust in not placed in any of the regular things around us that make up our world and society as we know it. All these things are valid, all have their credentials (some, like modern day medicine, are very very good!), but they are not where we place our ultimate trust.

Our trust is rooted in One who promised a very long time ago to come and shine new light on the whole of life. One who promised not just to give ideas for living, but actually came and lived so that we all might live. This One would take no shortcuts, no easy paths. They would not promise one thing but then do another. They would not shy away from the difficulties that life brings – but would face them, live and ultimately die a way through.

This One has proven trustworthy to us in a myriad of little things, and many bigger things. We believe this One is trustworthy also for the biggest of things – our lives and the for the thriving of the whole world.

It is in Him that we put our Hope … and He has a name – it is Jesus.

We don’t want to belittle or deny the difficulties people face and the hardship of our times. We do live in uncertain times … but we have hope – we see light in the darkness.