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Gifts Workshop – Sunday 4th June

On Sunday 4th June we have another Gifts Workshop evening at 7pm in the church – this one with a focus on exploring Freedom in Christ →Read More …

Holiday Club 2017 – Open for Signup

Signup for our Holiday Club 2017 is now open. Running Monday 31st July to Friday 4th August we will be Guardians of Ancora – Treasure Seekers!

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Dads n Kidz + Imagine

This Weekend is a double weekend, with Dads n Kidz on Saturday (9 – 11am), and Imagine on Sunday (from 10.15am).

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Week of Prayer Plus!

Our summer week of prayer is 21st to 28th of May, with the church open with prayer resources, a whole church gathering to pray, and an invitation to Adopt an Activity to pray for it.

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Imagine – Sunday 21st May

The Universe, The Cosmos, and You! Our next Imagine event exploring the whole cosmic universe together with the intricate detail that makes you! On Sunday May 21st from 10.15am.

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Informal All Age Service – The Power of Faith

On Sunday 7th May many of us from the church are venturing to Letton Hall for our church weekend away. Back in Ely at the usual time of 10.30 there will be an informal (and quieter!) all age service – looking at ‘The Power of Faith’!

Easter Celebration

Jesus rising from the dead makes a difference! Many have discovered this, and they would love you to encounter Him too. We will have an all age celebration on Easter Day at the Countess Church at 10.30am.

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