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Gifts Workshop – Sunday October 1st at 7pm

A no-hype evening exploring spiritual gifts and learning to minister with His Spirit

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CAP Money Course

A free course to help you manage your money better – learning to budget, save and spend well.
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Dads n Kidz – Saturday 23rd September

Our next Dads n Kidz is this Saturday. A chance to meet up again after the summer holidays – catch up with old friends, make new ones, enjoy the children playing around us … and feast on bacon butties!


Imagine – Finding Dory

Our next Imagine event is Sunday 17th September from 10.15am, with the theme: Finding Dory – A quest to find or be found?

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A People Called

Our autumn series is titled “A People Called“. Using snippets from the Exodus story we will be looking at how God rescued and called the people out of slavery, and then formed them for His purposes. We will be considering the calling God has on us, and the forming He may be doing on us as a people called together as church.

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Gifts Workshop – Sun 23rd July at 7pm

A second chance to explore spiritual gifts and ministering in the power of the Spirit is here at church on Sunday 23rd at 7pm.

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Walk to Raise Money for Sierra Leone Projects

On Saturday 22nd July we are inviting people to take a nice country walk in the pleasant surroundings of Little Downham to raise money for the Sierra Leone projects we will be working on next Easter!

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