‘My Life – His Way’: New Series Starts January 5

For the year 2020 we start a new series: “My Life – His Way” – practical living as a Jesus-follower in the 21st century.

Starting in John’s gospel, the “My Life – His Way” series will be our theme throughout the year. We will look at some of the contemporary issues of our day (including some of the so-called ‘hot potatoes’ of our time), with opportunities to dig deeper where necessary.

Together with this series we have lots to consider and be getting on with as a church. In our January member’s meeting we will be considering a concept of a ‘100 Year Vision‘. We also want to offer a Pioneer Evangelist Learning Community as we continue to pray into the pioneering possibilities around us.

We are a church in mission across the city. Our desire is very much to see Kingdom Life across the city – so we are all about Him. We take our lives and seek to live them in His way: Distinctive, living in intentional Discipleship, and an ongoing Desire to be part of His purposes.

Our verse for 2020:
‘God, teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course.’
Psalm 119:33