Praying into Pioneer Ministry

As a church we are actively praying into pioneer ministry – very much with the extensive new housing build of Ely North in mind.

We are seeking Jesus for what He might have us do, rather than coming with our own pre-defined assumptions. This is therefore a journey of discovery as we ponder and pray. Late last year three images were suggested that might help us in our deliberations.

Like A Lung

A human lung consists of many many little air sacs (called alveoli), which together make up the whole lung rather it being simply one big air bag. Perhaps our pioneering is called to consist of many little initiatives rather than one big project?


Someone once said the most natural definition of ‘evangelism’ is ‘overflowing. Let our relationships spread and overflow out into the new communities. This suggests a more organic approach rather than trying to parachute in a set work or idea.

Galloping Horse

As we head on out, may we catch the momentum for the existing estates across the city as well. Our desire is to reach across the whole city – old and new!

We want to see Kingdom Life across the City!

Actively praying with pioneering and the new housing estates in mind is now a priority for us – seeking the Spirit’s direction for how He wants Kingdom initiative to take place as the new housing is built. So join us as we pray and ponder!