Week of Prayer – May 12th to 19th

Come all who are thirsty – Come to the Waters (Isaiah 55:1).

Sunday May 12th to 19th is our Week of Prayer – where we deliberately make space to pray for our church and for our city. Our theme this week is to Desire Him … desire to see God bless the city.

We will use the invitation of Isaiah 55 to seek God, to increase our desire for Him. Yet the passage develops from ourselves to reaching out, being God’s witness in His authority ‘out there’ across the city. Are you prepared to join us in seeking a greater desire for Him, leading to a desire to see God bring blessing through us out across the city?

The week has three times/spaces in which to gather:

We also encourage everyone to have a prayer partner or form a prayer triplet, and meet every 6 to 8 weeks or so to pray together. There are also IPODs – small gatherings to pray for their local place.