We Are Open

We are open and active as a church!

We continue to pray across the city, we continue to bless neighbours, and continue to be there for both one another and the hurting or down-hearted whatever their background or circumstance. We do this throughout the city.

At the moment we come together at least twice a month …

Live Gatherings – check our news feed for details of how to book in!

On the other Sundays there is a podcast message, and members are free to organise themselves as they see fit!

Newcomers are welcome to join us – either ‘looking in’ on our online gatherings, joining us when we meet live, or make contact and we can invite you to one of our friendly groups where people explore faith together.

In fact as a church all through these difficult pandemic times we have never been shut – we have just used our buildings much less than normal! But members have been active in their faith across the city. We are about following Jesus, and doing that together. Our faith in Jesus leads us to look out across the city, helping and serving where we can – all this has continued month on month through all seasons of lockdown and restrictions.

Our buildings have been used throughout by Ely Foodbank, by support groups and one to one support sessions. They have also been used by our young people when permitted and safe to do so. Our parent and toddler group has re-started, albeit with very restricted numbers. But the church is much much more than the buildings and the activities that use them. It is about the people, and their diversity across the city. Some organise themselves into groups across the city – meeting through the difficulties online or in fun & creative outdoor ways. Most contact each other to pray and ensure they are getting through these times okay. All of us find ourselves inter-connected, united in our faith in Jesus and following Him together.

We are church … and we are open!

We Are Open!