Week of Prayer – 10th to 17th May

This coming week 10th to 17th May is our Church Week of Prayer – something that regularly features in our church calendar twice a year.

For this week we would like to call ourselves to Pray for the Prosperity of the City (see Jeremiah 29:7 for this principle). We suggest you do that in 3 key ways:

  1. Pray for your own street (either individually, as a family, or in an IPOD)
  2. Connect with your prayer partner / triplet to form a web of prayer across the city
  3. Gather on Zoom for Whole Church Prayer on Wednesday 13th May at 8pm for up to an hour (contact us for details to join)

Our politicians are of course talking about coming out of Lockdown … but there will be many challenging months ahead which will affect us, the city of Ely and beyond. Let us come before God to pray for our city, its people and businesses … all the while praying too for Spiritual Awakening among each individual and family.