We Are Church

We are Church – we don’t go to church, we don’t attend church … we are church! Each of us contributes together, and makes up the whole. We are church because of who we are in Christ and our covenant with each other.

We will see the church expressed in different ways. Even in this season of national lockdown it might be gatherings large or small with the help of online technology. Out of lockdown it may well be through the work of our specific mission activity teams. Whether in lockdown or not it will also be through the myriad prayer partnerships or triplets that exist across the church, and through members simply rolling up their sleeves to help in their local neighbourhood or community.

The point is that church is people – not the building or a specific type of gathering. Ever member matters and contributes to being church. It starts with our relationship with Christ, and develops as we learn to relate and act in Christ in relationship with each other.

In Him we live and have our being. Together in Him We are Church!