Celebrate Easter with Us

For us at Countess Free Church Easter is a deal-breaker. Without the life, the death, and then the resurrection of Jesus we would have no reason to believe, no reason to be a church, and would live with no hope. Everyone is welcome to come and join us this Easter to explore why we think this way – and to discover for yourselves!

On Good Friday there is a public witness and reflection – where we think again at how Jesus willingly let Himself be taken, to be killed on a Roman cross. We gather outside St Marys at 10am on Good Friday – from there we walk to the Market Square, and eventually onto the Cathedral for a short service with Christians from across the city (followed by hot cross buns in the Lady Chapel).

On Easter Day we gather to celebrate together at 10.30am at our buildings on Chapel Street. All are welcome to come and join us. You see devastating as his death was, within three days he was seen alive! Not because he avoided death or staged some hoax, but because he has overcome death and shown us that death is certainly not the end. Do come and join us to think through what that means for each of us! All are very welcome.

Over the Easter weekend our own church members will be telling their story, and why Easter is so important to them. They will do that with friends they invite into their homes, or in a coffee shop … or any other location where people can sit, talk, and learn from each other. We do all this because Jesus has indeed lived, died, but rose again. His death shows that U R 2 Die For – he came for each of us.