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Every few weeks we pose ourselves a new key question:

The key-questions blog issues these questions, and also has mini-summaries of much of our key teaching given Sunday by Sunday.

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  • The Image of the Invisible God - Colossians 1:15 - 20 26th September 2021
    In trying to understand God, we have to come to terms with the fact that God is Spirit - He isn't someone or something that we can just see, touch or grab. God to the human eye is invisible. So we can't make an image of God, like ancient people would carve a bull and […]
  • [UP] What does it mean for you to totally surrender to Jesus as Lord and God? 26th September 2021
    Challenge: Examine all departments of your life – in which areas do you hold back?
  • The Ten Coins - Luke 19:12 - 27 17th September 2021
    Another story told by Jesus, this time with a man of noble birth going off for a while, and giving servants coins to 'put to use' while he was away. The story has some interesting twists - some are clear that they do not want him to be king, and the responses to the investors […]
  • Sent on the Gospel Message - Colossians 1 5th September 2021
    Paul writes to followers of Jesus as an apostle - someone sent on a specific task, with a message to deliver. He is not just sent by anyone - he is an apostle of Jesus - sent by the Lord of Lords! It is not his choice, nor the choice of others - it is […]
  • [OUT] Who are you carrying the good news message to? 5th September 2021
    Challenge: Relay the message to one person in the next couple of weeksp { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; orphans: 2; widows: 2; background: transparent; page-break-before: auto }p.western { font-size: 13pt }p.cjk { font-size: 10pt }