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Every few weeks we pose ourselves a new key question:

The key-questions blog issues these questions, and also has mini-summaries of much of our key teaching given Sunday by Sunday.

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  • Hopeful for the Harvest - Luke 10 15th May 2022
    If you are going out, and you know the weather forecast is for rain, you are likely to dress appropriately and/or take an umbrella. If you know you will be out in scorching sun your mum will probably send you off prepared with sun cream. Jesus sent off the disciples, and did so with an […]
  • Be Fruitful - John 15 8th May 2022
    Jesus told a story of a man who had a vineyard, which contained a fig tree. The man looked for fruit on it, but none came. In frustration he ordered a servant to cut it down - but the servant said 'wait one more year - if it still has no fruit then cut it […]
  • [UP] Are you learning to be about the Father's business? 8th May 2022
     Challenge: Pause! Use a simple 'breath prayer' to abide in Jesus
  • True Connection - Colossians 2 17th April 2022
    What is the first thing a brand new phone does when first switched on? Those who have bought one (or done a full reset on an old phone) will know that one of the first prompts is for a Wifi code! It then wants you to 'log in' using a Google or Apple ID. In […]
  • Passover on Steroids - 2 Chronicles 35 10th April 2022
    This week we look at Josiah, who is another reformer. Over the recent kings we have looked at, we have seen a ping-pong effect of bad kings interleaved with reforming kings like Hezekiah and now Josiah. The reformers call people back to God, and use the Passover celebration as a way of doing that. To […]