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Every few weeks we pose ourselves a new key question:

The key-questions blog issues these questions, and also has mini-summaries of much of our key teaching given Sunday by Sunday.

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  • A Called People - Jude 1 - 3 9th May 2021
    We are taking a look at the short letter of Jude. We don't know for sure who Jude was, or who he was writing to. Yet he is obviously writing to believers, both to encourage them and also to warn them. For us there is rich encouragement from just the first three verses.Jude starts with […]
  • [UP] What is your regular practice to re-commit yourself as a servant of Jesus? 9th May 2021
    Challenge: Live up to your calling - show Christ's blessing in big ways and small
  • The Story Continues - Acts 28 25th April 2021
    We now jump to the end of the Acts story to conclude this series. We skip alot, but the result is that Paul ends up in Rome. This is good - he wanted to get there! What is not so good is that he is under house-arrest - literally bound with a chain. Yet even […]
  • Resurrection Life - Acts 16 4th April 2021
    It has been a tough year - we have all been knocked about by the pandemic. In the past 10 days we marked the one year anniversary - a time of genuine lament and recognition of the loss. Yet for those of us with faith in Jesus, the bad news is not the only news […]
  • Scattered Cohesion - Acts 16:1 - 5 28th March 2021
    In Acts 16 we catch up with Paul again in Lystra. We have heard alot in Acts about scattering outwards, but here Paul is actually re-visiting places he had already been (see Acts 14). So this is a phase of consolidation, a period in which he can check on the health of the spreading movement.Paul […]