Financial Giving

As a church we are entirely self-financing – the money we have to pay our bills comes from our own congregation. We simply encourage people to pray, budget and give us as much as they are able to or see fit. We encourage giving regularly as good stewardship, and the most efficient way to do this is by Bank Standing Order.

Bank Standing Order / BACS

Giving by BACS transfer, or regularly by Bank Standing Order is the most efficient way to give regularly – 100% of the money you transfer comes into our bank account.

To set this up: either download, complete and return the form below,
OR use our bank account details found on the form to set up payments in your own online banking system or app (please use your initials and surname as payment reference).

If you are a UK tax payer, then Gift Aid enables us to turn every £1 you give into £1.25! Please complete the ‘Gift Aid’ section of the form below and return it to us so that we can claim gift aid on your gifts.

Regular Bank Direct Debit

You can now set up and give online by bank direct debit using the buttons below. Although the form shows suggested amounts, you can edit and choose the amount you wish to give. You can also gift aid via an option on the form.

Please note that this is set up via ‘MyGivingOnline’ and our payment provider ‘GoCardless’ who charge a small fee. This fee is shown on the form, and you can choose to cover this fee yourself via an option when setting up. The Direct Debit guarantee enables you to contact your bank to cancel at any time.

Donate to our General Fund

Donations for the general work of the church.

Donate to our Communion Fund

Donations for the “communion fund” – used to help in hardship and bless people

Donate to CAP

Donations are passed on to help fund the Ely CAP Debt Centre

Use Credit/Debit Card or Paypal Account

You can make a one-off donation, or set up a regular donation, either using your credit/debit card or using your Paypal account by using the Paypal donate button below. The one button below will give you the option to choose which fund to donate to (General, Communion, CAP etc.).

Note that you do not actually need a paypal account to make donations via this button. Please note that Paypal will deduct a fee of 20p + 1.4% per donation.

Alternatively, if you do have a Paypal account and you want to make a quick one-off donation to the General Fund you can also use this simple link.

Giving at our Sunday Service: Cash or Contactless

At our Sunday gathering a collection bag is left at the back for people to drop money into on their way in. This is counted and banked after each Sunday.

There is also a Contactless Card Reader, which works with all normal debit/credit cards as well as Apple Pay & GPay mobile phones – simply enter your desired amount, hit ‘Charge’ and then tap your card/device when prompted. For people who have their debit/credit card numbers stored in their phone, there are also QR codes in the building which you can scan to then make a gift via your phone.

Please note that when using debit/credit cards, SumUp act as our payment provider and deduct 1.69% commission on each transaction.

We are grateful to all the people who give in different ways, no matter how big or small – each gift enables us the ministry of the church to continue.