Confidence to Lead in Faith

At the Countess Free Church we have a thing about Disciples Make Disciples – each of us not only called to follow Jesus, but in our following helping others to follow too. The obvious question to ask ourselves is ‘Who are you discipling?‘. Related to this is the question ‘If I were to disciple someone one to one, how would I do it?‘.

We are preparing a simple resource to use in a one to one setting, leading someone who has made a recent positive response to Jesus forward in the basics of faith. The resources uses a simple model called reflective practice, whereby you encourage the person you are helping to look back on their life recently, then introduce new ideas & thinking, and finally send out for action. Each session encapsulates this cycle, with the next session starting by looking back on things since the previous meet up.

The resource has 7 sessions, each one aimed to take about an hour, covering some essential basics of Christian faith. It aims to be simple to use, giving a basic framework for any established Christian to use with confidence to lead another in faith in Jesus.