Life Stories: Yogina – Discovering Peace & Happiness

My name is Yogina. I was born in India to a Hindu family and was brought up with all the Hindu culture and beliefs. Throughout my life I prayed to the Hindu gods and yet I never felt peace or happiness in my heart. I felt like I was in a fight as to whether my prayers were even being heard.

I moved to UK with my family in 2000 and we settled in Leicester. I met my friend Renuka in 2004 – a lovely Christian girl who invited me to her Christian church. This church is an Indian fellowship with services mostly in a South Indian language which I don’t understand and partly in English. I used to attend this church occasionally, and there I met Joel who later became my husband. I made some good friends who always prayed for me and also encouraged me to go to an English church so that I can know Jesus for myself.

Yogina with her husband Joel

“As she prayed I felt both peace and happiness that I had never experienced before”

I then started a new job where I met Katie, who started to meet with me once a week after work for us to look into the bible together. This was a great help, because until then I knew virtually nothing of its content. As she prayed for me I felt both peace and happiness that I had never experienced before. I went with Katie to her church and felt God was talking direct to me. I responded by giving myself to Christ the very first Sunday I attended!

“I felt God was talking direct to me”

Ever since I have been praying and reading the bible every day. I have discovered there is so much of peace and joy within me – I am now very happy that God is in my life.

Yogina & Joel are together members of the Countess Free Church.

Story adapted from Yogina’s testimony given at her baptism service