Prayer Woven through Our Lives

Finding our own personal rhythms of prayer is important to us. ‘The Discipline of OFF‘ is intentionally pausing & making space to commune with God. We need this just as much as we need oxygen!

God didn’t create us to go it alone! We encourage everyone to find a prayer partner or form a triplet – one or two who we can share with, be lovingly challenged by, and pray together. We call this ‘Sharing the Walk‘.

WeeklySundays at 10am: at the back of the sanctuary area for 15 minutes ahead of our service at 10.30am
MonthlyThe fourth Saturday of the month at 8am: joining with the leadership team to pray for the church
Regular Scheduled Times to Pray

We also have scheduled times inviting people to come together to pray. Regular times are 10am on a Sunday (for those not already setting up for the service), and monthly on the fourth Saturday at 8am. There are also other occasions – times we put in our schedule for people to come together to pray in various ways, sometimes with a specific focus.

We encourage each and every follower of Jesus to work out what it means to weave prayer through their lives, as individuals, with 1 or 2 others, and joining with the wider church.