Your Discipleship is Mission Critical

Here at the Countess Free Church we believe that everyone has a part to play, no matter how young or old, no matter how much or little experience they have. God draws all of us together in Christ for His incredible purposes for the world.

God desires to reach out to the hurting world around us – that is His mission. And here’s the thing: God has a people for His mission. That people is us – each of us has a role and can be included!

Our ability to play our part is closely connected with our own ongoing walk with Jesus (our ‘discipleship‘). Realising this link we therefore remind each other in the church: ‘Your discipleship is mission critical!’. The level to which you seek Jesus, you follow Him, and you think & act as He would have you think & act in today’s world – all will directly relate to our collective ability to take part in God’s purposes for this city.

God has a people for His mission

We do this in the grace of God. We do this while learning ‘on the job’. We do this even with our own imperfections and our own ongoing needs for healing & transformation. All this is possible because He is able and it is He who equips. The extent to which we let God embrace us and we embrace all He has for us is then critical to the mission to which He invites us to take part in – for us discipleship is mission critical.