New sermon series: Heroes of the Faith

On Sunday 26th May we will continue our sermon series ‘Simple Courage in Challenging Times’ by taking a look at the stories of characters in the Old Testament – some ‘heroes of the faith’.

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We will take a look at the stories of these men and women who faced many challenges and trials but still bore witness to God’s goodness and faithfulness. By comparing their situations to real-life examples in our culture, this series will equip, challenge, inspire and build our confidence for recognising God’s constant faithfulness today. Our hope is that, by reading these powerful stories, it would bring our faith alive in a new way, fuelling our desire to share Jesus and make Him known in our own families, communities, workplaces and spheres of influence. 

Some themes we will be exploring: Gods protection and rescue, the power of faith, calling and courage, running from God and the call to obedience, friendship, forgiveness, and the expectancy of what God will do.