Week of Prayer – 18th to 25th November

A call for the whole church to pray into the life and witness of Countess Free Church in Ely.

Through the week 18th to 25th November we deliberately make space to pray, encouraging people to meet up in their prayer partnership/triplets, IPODs, as well as taking place in the following special activities for the whole church:

  • Whole Church Prayer – Wednesday 21st at 8pm – this is the main event for all to attend
  • Prayer Zones – available in the church from late Thursday afternoon through to late Saturday afternoon. Just drop in and use the resources available
  • Half Night of Prayer – Friday 23rd 6pm to midnight: even if you just drop in the church for 20 minutes, there will be others to pray with as well as the resources in the Prayer Zones.
  • Gifts Workshop – Sunday 25th at 7pm: a chance to be prayed for, and a chance to learn yourself how to be involved in Spirit-led prayer ministry.

Come and Join! These are for all, whether young or old, or a formal church member or someone just discovering what we are all about as a church.

The activities are summarised on this Week of Prayer Flyer